List of Funds

Endowment Funds

Circle of Freedom Fund

Circle of Freedom’s mission is leading women struggling with life-controlling addictions to freedom in Jesus. We provide jail ministry, follow-up mentoring/discipleship, and Biblical counseling. We have purchased and are currently renovating a building in Seymour, Iowa to open a women’s residential home to provide a safe place for those needing more intensive help to get grounded in their faith, find Christ-centered solutions to addiction, and begin life reestablishment.
Give now to the Circle of Freedom Fund!

Humeston Public Library

The Humeston Public Library was created by Humeston City Ordinance 65 on April 6, 1925. For many years, the library was located at 113 Broad Street next to the post office. In 2008, the library was blessed to move to a larger and more modern building located at 302 Broad Street. Their mission is to instill a love of reading to young children and inspire creativity in people of all ages while connecting citizens to the community. A valuable resource to the community, support of Humeston Public Library Endowment will assure that resource for those who follow. This fund supports the needs and financial viability for the library at the discretion of the library’s board of directors.

LeCompte Memorial Library Endowment Fund

The LeCompte Memorial Library was founded in 1919 as a Carnegie library and has provided 100 years of information and entertainment access to active minds in Wayne County. A valuable resource to a free society in the past and now, support of the LeCompte Memorial Endowment will assure that resource for those who follow. This fund supports the needs and financial viability for the library at the discretion of the library’s board of directors.

David & Donna Donald Recreation Endowment

This donor-advised fund, established in 2014, is to benefit recreation in Wayne County. The awards can include but are not limited to golf courses, parks, pools, theatre, athletic facilities, trails or conservation facilities. The Donald family will serve as advisors for this fund.

Van Terry Outdoor Living Classroom Endowment

Established in 2001, the purpose of this endowment is to “provide students as well as the general public an opportunity to learn about nature.” The effort to establish and plant all the area was led by Doyle & Donna Terry. Van was Doyle & Donna’s son and they named this project in his memory. Several family members helped establish the endowment with the Terry’s. Disbursements from this fund are used to finance and maintain and enhance the living classroom

Wayne County Wellness Fund

The Wayne County Wellness Fund was established in 2023 to create a space for community members to donate to the future of wellness in Wayne County. This fund is advised by our Board of Directors and will be used as determined by the board.

Tailwind Endowment Fund

Tailwind Endowment is a Donor Advised fund begun in 2012. The primary purpose of this fund is to award grants exclusively for charitable purposes to benefit nonprofit projects or organizations located in Wayne County and surrounding communities. The Tailwind Endowment Fund hopes to enhance the quality of life by supporting efforts that will provide opportunities through education, economic development and experiences of art, culture, history and recreation. The donors will serve as advisors for this fund. “Tailwind gives momentum to all movement.”

Dwaine Burley Family Fund

This fund was established in 2007, originally as a scholarship fund for those pursuing an education in agricultural-related fields, and was converted in 2019 to a donor-advised fund to support local FFA and similar organizations.

Falcon Foundation

The Falcon Foundation, an Agency Endowment fund, was established in 2013. The purpose of this endowment is “to benefit activities of the Wayne Community School District, including, but not limited to, student scholarships and projects or needs of the district.”

International Center for Rural Culture & Art Fund (Round Barn)

The Round Barn Fund, an Agency Endowment fund, was established in 2013. The primary purpose shall be to create and hold an endowment whose proceeds will be used to benefit the International Center for Rural Culture & Art (Round Barn) located in Wayne County.

Prairie Flower Endowment

This donor-advised fund was established to provide grants that enhance the quality of life in Wayne County. This endowed gift will both honor the past and plant the seeds for future growth.

Corydon Community Development Endowment

This Agency endowment fund was established in 2015 to promote economic development in the greater Corydon area. The funds will be used for projects as determined by the Corydon Community Development Corporation.

Mark and Cheri Nessen Endowment

This donor-advised fund was established in 2016 to provide monetary support for projects beneficial to the Corydon, IA community with primary focus on business growth and enhancement, education, or recreation.

Unrestricted WCF Endowment Fund

This fund is where all miscellaneous donations are deposited. Wayne Community Foundation regularly receives memorial and unsolicited donations. When there is no fund designated, these funds are added to the Unrestricted Endowment Fund. Distributions from this fund are awarded in various ways. Sometimes, the distribution is combined with the Wayne County Endowment distribution to allow for a larger award and sometimes it will be awarded alone.

Wayne County Endowment Fund

This fund was established in 2005. It is comprised of 25% of the total amount of gaming dollars awarded to Wayne County each year. This fund’s distribution is to be used for the benefit of Wayne County. WCF has the latitude to combine this distribution with another if it will better benefit the county or the distribution can be awarded alone or returned to increase the fund if there are no worthy projects.

Five Branches Fund (non-endowed)

This fund was established for the betterment and infrastructure improvement in Wayne County, Iowa.

Scholarship Endowment Funds

Richard Pyner Memorial Scholarship Fund

A scholarship is awarded with the proceeds of this fund to a Wayne High School graduating senior planning a career in public school education. There are some other requirements and they can be obtained from the guidance counselor at Wayne High School. Richard Pyner, a teacher, coach and principal for 43 years in southern Iowa public schools (Afton, Mystic, Seymour & Corydon), was very well respected. He felt strongly that public school education was a cornerstone to the success of our country.

Raymond + Dorothy Conner Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dorothy Conner, a Cambria area resident, established a fund in memory of her husband, Raymond in 2004. The recipient of these scholarship funds should be a deserving graduate “Who may have faced adversity in their life.”

Bob Mumma Scholarship Fund

Bob, a former teacher and principal, established a scholarship to aid and encourage a graduating senior to continue their education. The original scholarship was awarded to a senior of Lineville-Clio High School. Now, the scholarship is awarded to a Wayne County graduating senior with preference given to a senior living in the former LC school district..

Clarabelle and Junior Henderson Scholarship Fund

Clarabelle, a former teacher, and Junior, a Wayne County farmer, wished to reward a student’s motivation and need with scholarship funds. Established in 2007, the award is to be given to a Wayne High School graduating senior….not necessarily one with the highest grades but a student who has demonstrated the best use of his or her ability.

Ernest Carmon Moser Scholarship Fund

E. Carmon Moser, a Humeston resident, desired to establish an endowment scholarship fund for a student that plans to attend the University of Iowa. Priorities for applicants are: Richman Township in Wayne County, senior at Mormon Trail High School, and financial need. Other consideration is then given to other Wayne County high school seniors. This scholarship is a four-year renewable scholarship of $2,500 per year.

Corydon Lions Scholarship Fund

This scholarship was established to help endow a qualified Wayne County High School senior. The recipient must have a graduating grade point that will be acceptable by a recognized Jr. College, Trade School, or University and must be a Wayne County resident.

Wayne County Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Fund

This fund was established by the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce in 2018. This scholarship is for any resident of Wayne County, or any graduating student of a Wayne County School. Preference will be given to any student that plans to return to Wayne County to start a business.

Haraldine Harbert Memorial Scholarship

Mrs. Harbert was a beloved long-time teacher at Seymour Community School and this fund was established by her son and family in her memory. Annual scholarships will be awarded to Seymour High School graduates who will be pursuing a college education and intend to have a career in public education.

Dr. Keith A. Garber Scholarship

Originally established by the medical staff at Wayne County Hospital – this scholarship was re-named in 2008 to honor Dr. Keith Garber. Dr. Garber was a family physician in Corydon for more than 40 years. The recipients will be a student(s) seeking a career in the healthcare field. It is the hope of the medical staff that the recipient(s) will consider returning to Wayne County upon completion of their professional education.

Kenneth + Mark Ireland Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established in memory of Ken Ireland, a longtime pharmacist and community leader in Corydon. It will provide a $1000.00 scholarship annually for a Wayne Community High School senior entering a health care field with preference given to a student attending the University of Iowa.

W-S Scholarship

Two graduating seniors from Wayne Community School and two graduating seniors from Seymour Community School will each be eligible for a $1000 scholarship annually. These are intended to be need-based scholarships for deserving students to encourage them to continue their education.

3D Scholarship

The 3D Scholarship is available annually to a graduating senior from Wayne Community School District in the amount of $1200.

Bungo + George Bailey Scholarship Fund

Bungo, and his son George, were farmers, construction workers, and hard-working men. Bungo’s fund was established in 2019 to give an annual scholarship to a Wayne County School student pursuing an agricultural-related degree. George’s fund was established in 2022 to give an annual scholarship to a Wayne County student pursuing a carpentry, electrical, or other trade education or an engineering or construction-related degree.

The Southern Iowa Plumbing and Mechanical Trades Scholarship Fund

This scholarship was established in order to provide $500 to be awarded to two graduating seniors who are pursuing a carpentry, electrical, or other trade education or an engineering or construction related degree.

Rhonda Mason Memorial Scholarship Fund

This scholarship was established in order to provide $1000 annually to be awarded to a graduating senior from Wayne Community High School who will be attending trade school, junior college, college or university to further their education.