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Application Guidelines


The Wayne Community Foundation (WCF) was established in 1999, to create a permanent tax-exempt entity to receive and distribute funds for the benefit of the Wayne County Community. The Foundation receives, invests and disburses funds for any charitable purpose that proves beneficial to the citizens of Wayne County. Volunteers serving on the Board of Directors from all areas of the county administer the Foundation. Individuals, families, businesses, community organizations, and others may contribute to the Foundation. The Foundation is an organization designed to assist and benefit the citizens of Wayne County. The Wayne Community Foundation is affiliated with South Central Iowa Community Foundation and are working hard to improve Wayne County.

Wayne Community Foundation is pleased to receive funds from County Endowment Funds to award to non-profit organizations within Wayne County.

The following guidelines are intended to help WCF, as well as the applicants. Grant Award applications must be submitted and received by 3:00pm on the second Friday in February. Requests for funds received after this deadline will not be considered by WCF.

Who May Apply

The Grant Award Program is open to Wayne County organizations holding a proper IRS Section 501(c)(3) designation or equivalent tax-exempt status. Grant monies may only be used for projects within Wayne County.

  • 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status is not to be confused with your Federal ID number or State Sales
    Tax exemption number.
  • Individual schools, churches, and volunteer fire departments may not have a separate tax-exempt
    certificate. They are either exempt by law or fall under blanket exemption because of their
    ties to a municipality.
  • Only one application per 501(c)(3) or equivalent tax-exempt status will be accepted, unless
    applicant falls under the exemption of a municipality or taxing entity, and carries a separate
    identifiable budget.
  • Previous grant recipients who have not completed the final grant report or received approval for an extension by December 31 of the grant year will not be eligible for grant funding the following year.


Wayne Community Foundation will not fund the following:

  1. Travel or seminars.
  2. Salaries, labor, consultant or professional fees.
  3. Recurring expenses, except “start up costs.”
  4. Political causes, candidates, and lobbying efforts.
  5. Individuals, including scholarships and personal benefits.
  6. Debt incurred or purchases made prior to grant award notification.
  7. General operations, maintenance costs, alleviation of deficit budgets or to satisfy debt-financing costs.
  8. Ticket/table (i.e. raffle items) purchases or advertising for benefits.
  9. Projects for the personal benefit of an organization’s members.
  10. Replacement of an organization’s long-term existing source of funding.
  11. Maintenance of existing, occupied, governmental buildings.
  12. Discriminatory activities.
  13. Private profit-making businesses.
  14. Private non-operating foundations.
  15. Proposals to salvage programs.

Note: Repeat requests (for previously funded items) will be considered on a case by case basis.